Uber is the Pioneer in Self-Driving Taxi Services

Uber is a transportation company that provide self-drive taxi services, where they combine the online communication and online technology with the manual taxi services. The combination of them was really having a good appreciated from the public. Uber’s center office is in the USA, but their branches reach all over the world. They build a great technology system to the passengers and the taxi drivers. The online communication technology is used for the real-time on-demand taxi services. The people need the real-time on-demand taxi services to support their daily activities. Uber has created the newest innovation that really useful for the people from around the world.

The taxi services in ordinary not using the internet technology. But they are having the progress on making the new innovation for the taxi industry development. Uber has made the taxi application for their customers. The application can be operated by the customers who wanted the fast taxi services in their local environment. The application is using the GPS and online maps. It is helping for the passengers and the taxi drivers to meet each other. A very smart idea where it can be the fresh concept of making the revenues from the taxi company like Uber.The successful concept that bring by Uber to the taxi industry is followed by the other taxi companies. So today not only Uber who has the taxi application, but they have the competitors in their operation. The fresh concept that starts the new beginning of the development of the taxi industry.

Uberdoes not feel enough for their achievement on making the taxi application. They continue their idea to the step where it is never thought before by any else. Uber want to be the pioneer of the self-driving taxi services. The self-driving taxi service built by the Uber. Uber make the cooperation with Volvo as their car producer. The self-driving taxi servicewas properly correct with Uber’s slogan “to provide transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone”. The struggled by Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick. He said the self-driving taxi is possible to reach by Uber. At the end of 2014, Mr. Kalanick has started his mission by investing $ 300 million to joint with Volvo to reach the dream of making the self-driving taxi car. In 2016, the car is already built by making the prototype. The prototype is still developed and should have the tests. In 2021, Uber will produce it in mass and promote it as their new innovation. The hardwork from Uber also involved the car engineer experts and robotic engineer experts. They are one step closer to reach their dream. Making the self-driving taxi services for the public. Uber is the pioneer of the self-driving taxi services.