Tomography Scan and 3D Printing Making a Life the History

Tomography Scan and 3D Printing: The history experts are always doing the research to find the historical goods. The goods from the past can bring the new story to the world. By doing the research the history experts are writing their word by word in the historical civilization. The history experts haven’t also found the goods, but also the skull. The skull of the people’s dead body can be researched by the experts to know the profile of the individual in the past. The skull that founded, were not always in a perfect condition. It was found ina bad condition. By doing the reconstruction that made by the expert, the history can reveal by them.

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Computed Tomography Scan and 3D Printing – The Scientists Way to Making a Life the History

The reconstruction methods were created by the experts not only one method. The expert did the combination between manual and also bring the technology to this process. The scientists have found the Computed Tomography Scan and 3D Printing, where it can be used by the history experts with well. The skull that founded by them can fix and re-create with a perfect.

The Computed Tomography Scan used by the experts in finding the missing parts of the skull. After the scan process did, the scanner will create the perfect structure of the skull. This method is using the information supplying of the skull from the database. The database has been created by using the common data in human skull structures. When the scan is done, we can know what is the missing from the skull?

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After the Computed Tomography Scan is done, the expert can have the data result to get the printing of 3D printing. The 3D printing can re-build the skull in a perfect shape. The public can enjoy the result from the museum’s gallery collection. This technology is can bring the new expectation for the history experts.They can pretend and keep safe of the real skull, but they can learn and analyze the skull belong to whom? The real skull can be doing the research to get the deep learning about it. The copy of the skull can put in the museum’s gallery where people can know with well the skull history without disturb the history expert researching.

By using the Computed Tomography Scan and 3D Printing, the scientist wanted to make the living of the skull. We know if the skull is really bad. By applying this technology, the dead skull can be a life for the human goodness study and interest. This technology founded by the scientist from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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