Self Driving Bus from Russia Government

Self Driving Bus: The self-driving vehicle now is becoming the update news from everywhere. The Uberis the pioneer of the self-driving car and their area surveillance technology is the great news for the world. The country like Singapore is also doing the research about the self-driving vehicle technology. The self-driving vehicle has become the idol of the fresh concept about the future vehicle for the public. The car industry has their challenge to finish and complete the self-driving car. The self-driving car is the most wanted transportation vehicles for the people from around the world. Do not forget to checkout Uber is the Pioneer in Self-Driving Taxi Services

The self-driving car is also developed by the Russian government. They are trying to start this new age vehicle in the front of the world. The Russian government has involved in the self driving bus  project right now. The search engine local from Russia, Yandex is supporting the Russia efforts. Both they start the project of the creation of the self driving bus  for their people in Russia. The Yandex is the biggest search engine company in Russia. By using the technology of Yandex, Russia tries to have the new innovation in their transportation mode field. Do not forget to checkout Self Driving Car is the Future for Auto Drive Vehicle

By involved the Russian national research department called NAMI, Russia and Yandex will create the first self driving bus  for the public. In the latest news, they succeed for the first testing of their self driving bus . The bus can reach the 200kilometersin the distance. The bus is can carry 12 people on that yard. The self driving bus  from Russia still needs the supports to develop it into maximal power. Do not forget to checkout BMW World best smart car video review

The Yandex has been using their area surveillance technology to make perfect the online navigation for the bus. The Yandex has their capability in developing their online area surveillance as the search engine in Russia. The Yandex is the best for this in Russia. By using the Yandex technology, the Russia government lookedto try to compete the Uber. Do not forget to checkout Uber is the Pioneer in Self-Driving Taxi Services

The self driving bus  from Russia is using the electrical power source. The bus needs the charging and recharging on the operation as the public transportation vehicle. The self driving bus  will start the public test in 2017. They seemed do not wantto lose with the Uber. If the examination final test successful, they will produce it in mass to support the Russia government handled the transportation field. The needs of the self-driving vehicle make some countries do not wantto be the spectators. They also want to be the player onthe self-driving car industry. Do not forget to checkout Future Car with 3 wheels produce by Elio