Good News as Samsung Pay is Finally Discover Card Compatible

Samsung launched the tap-to-pay purchases, Samsung Pay in 2015. Samsung Pay is a service that acts as a mobile and digital wallet. It helps its users to make payments with those Samsung devices and a particular list of compatible phones. Samsung Pay has supported different credit, debit and loyalty cards over the three years it has been in use. Nonetheless, it appears Samsung forgot about Discover cardholders in its initial design. Understandable since Discover card is not such a big name in the US credit market. Nonetheless, a significant percentage of US populations own these cards. Therefore, in 2016, Samsung promised to make support Discover card. Regrettably, the year came and went without any deliveries on the pledge.

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Samsung Pay supports Discover Cards

Luckily, 2017 seems to be the new year of blessings for the cardholders. Discover card owners do not have to switch cards or phones if they want to use Samsung Pay nor with they have to avoid the service. Despite the fact that the news is yet to be official, Samsung has finally decided to close the existing market gap. Samsung Pay, Discover support has gone live, though unobtrusively as customers can add and use Discover cards. Samsung is yet to update the compatibility list, and Discover is yet to let, openly, its clients and the World aware.

Has Samsung made the Move to Support Discover Cards too late?

Samsung Pay is not the only mobile and digital wallet in the United States provided by a mobile developer. Therefore, the new move only brings Samsung Pay in line with the Android Pay and Apple Pay, as the two have been compatible all along.  It seems like Samsung has been too late in making the new move. This is because Samsung may not benefit as much. Either way, it does not hurt to close the market gap that other companies are exploiting. To the Discover cardholders, the move is quite some good news. They can rest in the knowledge that Samsung Pay is at their disposal. At least they no longer have to carry their card with them, and neither do they have to be extremely choosy on their mobile phone choices.