Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Key Features

Galaxy J7 Max is the newest Samsung phone in the market. The phone, which was released earlier on this month, June 2017, in India, is a sure babe for Samsung lovers and looks like a tremendous improvement over the previous Samsung mobile phones. Like most Samsung keynote releases, the phone is quite overpriced, retailing at Rs. 11,900 in the Indian mobile phone market. Consequent reviews following the release of Galaxy J7 Max claim that the new Samsung model is worth the money and poses a significant threat to some few notable releases. Furthermore, it supports the Samsung payment solution, commonly known as Samsung Pay.

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Key Features

The most notable features of Galaxy J7 Max are its glass and metal look, the lack of visible antenna lines on either its rear or edges and its 78.8mm width. Galaxy J7 Max has a 5.70-inch touchscreen and a resolution of 1080*1920 Pixels. It has a 32 GB internal storage space, 4GB RAM and a micro SD expandable memory of up to 256GB. The phone comes in two main colors, that is, gold and black. For selfie and photo lovers, Galaxy J7 Max has a 13-megapixel front and rear camera with a flash to take clear pictures all day and all night.

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Hardware and Software

The new Galaxy J7 Max is embedded with the trending octa-core MediaTek Helio P20 processor, and it is probably what makes the phone so pricey among its other outstanding features. The octa-core processor has eight-core CPUs, which makes the phone, have a high performance and energy efficiency, which means no overheating or out-lags as it clocks at 1.6GHz. Its operating system runs on the 7.0 Android version, which makes it speedy.

Galaxy J7 Max has an inbuilt or rather non-removable battery, whose capacity is 3300mAh. The phone has an impressive built-in battery optimization, which maximizes it, increasing its life.

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Samsung GalaxyJ7 Max has WI-FI connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, headphones, can only support one GSM type sim-card, and has 4G /LTE wireless connectivity capabilities. The 4G/LTE is not only much faster but can also download multiple pictures, allows for video-chatting and movie watching at any time.