OneNote App to be the New Classroom App | Microsoft

Microsoft is redirecting its focus to the education sector with its OneNote App. The company, either, has found a new market niche for the OneNote App or wants to create an additional one. Every company in the technology and innovation industry has to invent continually, design and re-design to attract new market and retain the existing. Either go big or go home. In a matter of time, OneNote App will be the new go-to-class app with teachers and students. For some time now, and quietly, of course, Microsoft OneNote App‘s devotion has been to the education market.

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What is Different on OneNote App

Primarily, through the OneNote App, Microsoft is offering free subscriptions for students to the Office 365.  Secondly, OneNote Class Notebook, which is an assimilated math tutor and a classroom-centric supplemental, has been added on the OneNote and offered to students. Microsoft has updated OneNote with many other educational extras. The updates include improvements to the actual OneNote design and functionality as well as learning tools, fun stickers for teachers and students to spice up the learning process.

The OneNote Class Notebook supplemental on the OneNote App should be able to connect with more learning module systems (LMS). Some of this LMS include Schoology, Skooler, and Edsby, which are well integrated with the relevant assignment and grading tools. The Learning Tools add-in on the OneNote App has improved Syllables for the English language. It also includes four additional languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish. There is a new Researcher tool rolled out and offered to Office 365 subscribers along with a Word on Windows and Mac. With the OneNote App, it is finally easy to switch schools or and move classes as students and teachers can save their notebook copies to their personal OneDrive. Two new packs, Silly Supplies, and Cacti Friends are now available, and with stickers added, OneNote App is much more fun.

The additional functional and highlighting design improvements should be of help to students and their teachers in the digitized classrooms. Microsoft has just hit another plus in business, as it is making OneNote an indispensable part of the lives of a slowly developing future adult generation.

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