New Gaming Console introducing by Atari after Two Decades

Atari has been out of the gaming technology for 24 years since the last release of its Atari Jaguar in 1993, and it has been showing signs of getting back with the new teaser. Atari released a video on its YouTube channel teasing new Atari Box that uses the original and iconic wood paneling. It is rumored that the new gaming console goes by the name AtariBox, but its details are still unclear. The CEO of Atari, has, however, confirmed that the gaming console would be based on PC Technology.

The new AtariBox if successful will be a game changer for the company. It is therefore quite a big deal for it.  The company has been through significant difficulties beginning with its 1993 failed Atari Jaguar that was discontinued after it sold only a handful of units. This was its last gaming console, until now.  The company again almost faced a downfall leading it to file for bankruptcy in 2013. To make the company profitable once more, the current CEO bought it revamping it as a gaming company concentrating on mobile and online casino Games. Now, the company wants back in on the hardware business.

The design of the new AtariBox is unknown as all that is available is the video teaser which shows a game console with a wood-grain siding. The CEO declined to share any information regarding the console claiming that it was still under design. Therefore, it is too soon for any of us to make any speculations about the console but it does not harm to hope that it strikes a balance between the old and new games.

The available next-generation gaming consoles like Xbox One X and PS4 offer stunning visuals and depth of rewarding gameplay and one is left wondering whether AtariBox leans on adopting and improving the capabilities of these consoles or making its new technology. Either way, the thought of Atari back in the gaming console is still trying to sink in. This is because the company is trying to re-enter a market it has steered out of for 20 plus years, and a lot of changes have taken place. Is Atari planning to throw itself in the same pit it is coming from or does it have a plan? All we can do is waiting to see what happens. Meanwhile, let us keep our ears and eyes glued on the companies profiles and sites.