Logitech MX Master Mouse Fully customizable

Logitech MX Master the successor to the Logitech Performance MX, which is one of the most popular mice for general use. The Logitech MX Master has a lot of different features that you can configure through your computer to make this mouse personalized to the way you use your computer.  It is very similar to the Performance MX but now you have a polygon fractal design that really makes it eye catching along with many more features that make it unmatchable.

What makes this mouse so great is its ergonomics. It has been designed to fit your hand perfectly. It is very organized and very comfortable to use. Another great feature about this mouse is that it has Bluetooth connectivity and you can also use the USB dongle if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth. The Logitech MX Master also lets you connect to 3 different devices very easily by using a button at the bottom of the mouse. So, say you have your desktop computer at home, a Windows computer at work and you have your laptop that you carry around with you, this feature will definitely be very convenient for you.

Now we can get to the cool part about this mouse, which is all the buttons it has. You can download the Logitech Options software from Logitech and this will allow you to change all of the different buttons on the mouse. There are 5 configurable buttons and it is possible to change them to whatever you want and really customize them to the way you want to use your computer. You also have the scroll wheel which has 2 modes. The first is the normal ratcheted mode that guides you along and makes it a little bit easier to control how you are scrolling. But if you want to go really fast and just scroll down to the bottom of the page quickly, you can go a little bit harder and it will loosen up and freely roll, making the job much easier.

The Logitech MX Master costs around $100 right now but I think it is well worth the money if you are looking for a new mouse. The ability to switch the connection from different devices is really helpful and the fact that it has Bluetooth and USB capabilities is really nice. The best of all is the amount of buttons and customizations that it lets you do. It is a really good option for pretty much anyone.