Apple’s Huge Leap with iOS 11 released 26th of June 2017

Apple’s iOS 11 was released yesterday the 26th of June 2017. Anyone who desires to test it can download it- in its unfinished version though- or await Apple’s final release. The newly developed iOS 11 features will transform your iPhone and iPad. The iOS is especially a big upgrade for the iPad than it is on the iPhone. With the revamped iOS 11 multitasking capabilities, Apple’s tablet will become an actual laptop replacement. Nonetheless, the iPad and iPhone will both get Control Center reorganization. The new iOS presents new camera modes, Siri is smarter than ever, and it puts Apple at the forefront of augmented reality innovation.

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iOS 11 Features

Like a Mac computer, Apple’s new iOS finally has a dock making it able to multitask on it and jump from one up to another. The multi-tasking menu is laid out in a grid, and the bottom app dock shows on the menu. Though hidden, the iOS follows the user app-to-app at the bottom. Drag and drop feature debuts with the iOS 11, and when you drag apps to the screen side, the iOS launches them into split-screen mode instantly, and items can be transported across a halved-screen. The new iOS 11 unlike any other operating system on any phone makes iPad feel more like a laptop than a big phone.

The new iOS 11 helps Apple solve most of the complaints in its iPad reviews. For instance, the Apple Pencil, which priory could not be used everywhere on the apps, has been revamped. The Instant Markup allows the user to draw on PDFs and photos, while Instant Notes lets you put it down right from the lock screen, and all of the Instant Notes made on the lock screen are saved in notes.

The new document scanner does not require you to scan important documents to sign as it scans, crops edges and removes tilts and glare to allow you to sign using Apple pencil. The iOS 11 improves the keyboard features combining letter keys with numbers, punctuation, and symbols, reserved for the second layer of a phone’s keyboard. With the new Files App, sorting all your files is possible. iMessages are much better and will not take up the storage anymore.

This and many other improved functionalities and features are what make the new iOS 11 a hotcake and probably a game changer for Apple’s gadgets especially the iPad.

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