Innov8 the New Data Age Backup Technology – Seagate

Innov8 is the best backup technology invented so far. In fact, it is the best backup technology of the year. Businesses and individuals have been creating and acquiring new and huge volumes of data, and the main problem has been backing up this data and efficiently retrieving it when needed. This is because the lack of a physical storage device, big enough to store massive data size has meant that individuals and or businesses have to depend on cloud sources to save data. The global data sphere has been rising rapidly over the years, and it is expected to skyrocket in size shortly, which then puts the safety of this data in jeopardy. SEAGATE, the world’s most innovative company in data storage, backup and security technology has brought yet another haven to their consumers and data dependent users through the new Innov8, which is first of its kind. The technology solves data storage, availability and security problems as one can have the device with them and place it where it’s safe.

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Why Innov8 Out-stands all other Backup Technologies?

Innov8 is an external desktop storage device or hard disk drive that surpasses all other drives of its kind with its generous storage space. Innov8 is an eight Terabyte USB-C powered hard drive. This means that one single, reversible USB-C cable controls the device for the user to access the vast storage space quickly. Like all other hard drives though, Innov8 is simple in functionality and all the user need do is connect it to the computer or whichever machine powered by a USB-C cable.

The new storage device is equipped with the latest USB 3.1 technology combined with Ignition Boost Technology, eliminating the need for a power adapter for the first time in history.

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Innov8’s new look

As SEAGATE puts it, the Innov8 design makes art ultimately imitate engineering. It has a sturdy and well-proportioned all-aluminium enclosure and wraparound layer frames stacked, reinforcing its strong nature and the purpose of the drive layout.

Easy to Use

Innov8 is easy to use in backing up one’s entire data collection, music, videos, important documents, projects and irreplaceable photos. The Innov8 data storage and backup device come with an 8TB USB-powered desktop storage, a USB-C cable and a quick start guide for the user.