Huawei: China’s largest and best selling smartphone company

Huawei: China’s largest and best selling smartphone Company

Huawei is a smartphone manufacturing firm based in China. It is china’s most smartphone selling company. Apart from smartphones, the company has industries of networking and telecommunications equipment. The other products offered by the company are dongles, tablet computers, smartphones, multimedia technology, managed and consultancy services and fixed broadband networks. Huawei Ascend Y300 was first smartphone developed by the company in the year 2009. This phone didn’t get great response from the customers. The company then continued to try their luck in the smartphone industry by offering wide range of phones till the date.

The most recent smartphones developed by Huawei are Honor 3C, Honor 6, Ascend G750, Ascend P6, Honor 3X and Ascend P7. The company continues using the name of their first smartphone despite its failure in the global markets. There are also some mid-range smartphone products i.e. Huawei Y320, Ascend Y511, Y600, Ascend G610 and Ascend G6. The sales of these mid-range phones are quite higher in China. Now we will discuss some pros and cons of the Huawei smartphones.


  • Huawei is the largest smartphone manufacturing firm of China. Chinese customers have shown their trust on their phones. Therefore, you can buy huawei smartphones due to higher user experience and feedback as well.
  • Most of the features offered in their smartphones are good for a non-tech savvy. However, there is not any surety of the quality of features.


  • There is a huge war of price among the smartphone companies. As compared to their other Chinese rivals, the prices of Huawei’s smartphones are considered as higher by the international customers. Many of its competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo and Lenovo are offering smartphones at quite affordable rates. However, Huawei comes with a little hike in price. It stops many customers to go for this brand if they’ve many other options at lower price.
  • The inbuilt speaker doesn’t provide smooth and clear sound. The bad speakers quality doesn’t differentiates it with other Chinese flagship phones.
  • Like speakers, the camera performance is not like an Apple’s or HTC’s phone. Most of the pictures come with improper details and lack of natural colors. Secondly, the front camera of even most expensive smartphone is not good enough for taking selfies.
  • The high-end 3D games are difficult to handle in most of their smartphones.
  • There is not a good impression of a Chinese smartphone in many countries. This bad impression stops many people to buy them.


In my view, Huawei offers good features that should be in a smartphone. Buying this phone is a better option than many other Chinese smartphone companies. If the company pays higher attention on the camera and speaker quality, this phone can grab large number of customers globally. A little hike in price should be justified through their high-end specs. People may go for Xiaomi or Oppo instead of buying a Huawei smartphone with higher price and similar specs. If they want to stick with higher price, it is necessary for them to make advancements in some of their features i.e. camera and speakers.