Hp Imprint Laptop Monthly Offer by flipkart Intell Core i3

Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3 is to be availed easily to consumers. Flipkart an e-e-commerce marketplace, on Monday the 26th of June 2017, announced its new collaboration with Hp, Intel, and Microsoft. This partnership gives the consumers a $999 monthly laptop offer. Under the offer, the Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3-powered Windows 10 laptop whose price is Rs. 35,954 can be bought at only Rs. 999 per month by availing a36-month EMI option. The partnerships aim is to help tap into college students and first-time PC buyer market.

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To pull off this collaboration, and Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3 offer, Flipkart has also collaborated with ICICI Bank and Citibank. The banks ought to provide easy financing opportunities and alternatives to the consumers. Flipkart believes that its extensive market base together with an affordable 36-month EMI option for one of the industry’s first technology- Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3, will help strike a chord with its customers. When this happens, the e-commerce marketplace hopes that it will reinforce their position as laptop dealers. HP Inc., on the other hand, hopes to enable everyone in every place in the US digitally.

The collaborations will enhance Flipkart’s wide selection of laptops curated for FlipKarts current “Back to College” campaign. The campaign offers deals and selection to students. Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3 laptop category is the third largest class of laptop available on Flipkart.

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Breaking down Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3, and the Packaged Offer

Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3 is a 6th generation laptop with a 15.6-inch display and ways 2.19kg. The Flipkart offer brings you the whole package, which is the laptop itself, battery and power adapter, user guide along with warranty guidelines. Hp Imprint, Intel Core i3 is an imprint series notebook that comes in black. The laptops Intel Core i3 and 4GB DDR4 RAM and 64 bit Windows OS makes it suitable for Processing, Multitasking, Travel & Business. This is because it has a 2GHz clock speed and a hard disk capacity of ITB.

Without any doubt, the new partnership bringing consumers this offer is a good deal.