Glass Keyboard Transparent Wireless – Future Keyboard

The new glass keyboard is among the new age innovations on the pages of the online retailers. The Brookstone technology, is a one of its kind, 21st-century device, that can be used with computers/laptops and or, mobile phones. It brought a brand new experience for those bored and annoyed with the auto correct on their smartphone keyboards, which make typing a hefty task. Like most other top-ranked keyboards, it has a complete QWERTY layout for fast yet simple typing. It opens the door to innovations on keyboards, the only external disconnectable computer hardware that has remained the same for an extended period. What is most exciting is its affordable price of $79.99. The customer reviews on the functionality and purpose of the keyboard are satisfactorily good for any new buyer.

It is Transparent, Bluetooth enabled, wireless and Glass

Other than, the QWERTY keys arranged on a clear touch-sensitive glass, the Glass Keyboard comes packaged with other capabilities found in the 21st century computerized devices. First, it is Bluetooth enabled and therefore pairs flawlessly with all Bluetooth devices. The Glass keyboard, just like most portable electronic devices recharges via a USB cable and it comes with a cleaning cloth like all touch-sensitive smartphones.


Well, the first thing that everyone in the world who has heard of the glass keyboard wants and needs to know is how this great invention is designed and packaged. The keyboard’s body is made of high-quality aluminium and its transparent touch-sensitive screen with tempered glass making it extremely robust yet somewhat sophisticated and fashionable.


The glass keyboard is compatible with devices utilizing iOS, Android, Windows or Mac operating systems. It wirelessly connects to these devices in fulfilling the overboard functionality. It can be used as a touch keypad and when paired with a compatible device, also as a mouse touchpad, a feature through which it offers an expansive navigation space.

The Keyboard is for everyone

The most incredible fact is that this keyboard leaves no user out in the new experience. Its touch-based feature means that even the disabled and elderly can use it comfortably. It is easy to acquire due to its affordability, and its manual is readily retrievable from the manufacturer’s website. Besides, it comes with an additional advantage of warranty and support.