Future Car with 3 wheels produce by Elio

Future Car: The Elio is currently a prototype vehicle that is expected to be released in 2016. The Elio will have to live up to its bold promises, namely, keep the car safe, get amazing fuel economy, keep the price inexpensive and be builtusing American technology.

This future car has only 3 wheels. There are 2 in the front and one in the rear. Unlike the Polaris Slingshot, the Elio is front wheel drive, which means that power will be delivered to the front wheels instead of the one rear wheel. This makes control easier and allows the car to be driven in snow, which is great for a commute car. The other thing you will notice is how narrow the car is and the design is completely different from any other car on the road. The open-wheel design and long body improve safety and aerodynamics.The inventors have also been able to nicely design the interior. Instead of having seats side-by-side, you ride tandem, which is another unique feature.

Elio’s engine is a completely new one that was designed by the same people who designed the Bugatti Veyron’s engine. They have designed it in such a way that it can use regular gas so as to save money at the fuel pump. However, you will not see the fuel pump too often because this super-efficient engine will be getting you 84 miles a gallon.

Now the kicker is that it will cost only $6,700 when it comes out! For that price, I don’t really think you can go wrong. This is an excellent deal for a commute car that’s going to save you a lot of gas and pretty much do everything that you need to do. So, as an overview, while the Elio future car is still a prototype, I am impressed with what it has to offer and I definitely think you should consider one of these if you do long commutes.