Future Car: New way to travel and flay By Terrafugia TF-X

This is Hybrid 4 seated two door flaying cars are just around you; this is Terrafugia TF-X airborne it’s really a big vision for future car transportation, its amazing car introduce by Terrafugia TF-X.

From the below video as we seen Terrafugia TF-X future car have 4 seat two door and it is designed for a small family for transportation without runway, this is a first future car that have wings and two electronic propeller motor for flaying.

TF-X future car can be operate by computer you just need to tell him your destination where you want to go, this can be easily convert into your car with in few seconds, this is a electronic car and cros do not required runway, its just need a small space where it need to open their wings for flying for your destination, TF-X this is really amazing that human can no transport.

TF-X has twin 300 hp electronic propellers lift you and gives you speeds up to 200 miles per hours and with hybrid power management system that will recharge your batteries and that will give you up to 500 miles power backup.

TF-X future car has been design to fly easily with in few second as well as land you safely on your destination, once it land this will fold their wing and you can drive it to transport on your door or on your car parking area. Its required a cars space to fit into parking area.

It is one of the beautiful creation of Terrafugia and gives you a new way to travel or transport, its really a amazing future car, you can say it it’s a dream of feature car.

Check out below video to get better idea regarding your future car that introduce bye Terrafugia and its model is TF-X.