Firefox OS will soon be launch on different devices

Firefox OS: Mozilla Company has decided to launch their Firefox OS and that will run on Smartphone, routers, and dongles as well as for your pc; they have also launch their Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview for testing purpose for your Android devices, Mozilla OS have also intention to launch it for multipurpose devices it means that you can use this operating system on your Smartphone, on your routers on your dongles and on your personal computer.

Firefox Pod

Mozilla is also decided to launch their 10-inch tablet and they have named it Firefox Pod, this is first time that they are introducing their first 10-inch tablets, and it will be first devices that there will be no operating system and application store there will be only and only be the web browser that will run website and you will be able to install their web apps for your need.

It seem to be a totally different that there will be no any operating system in your tablet but a one website could be fit to your all need and perform task as you wanted, so we can say it it’s just a website.

Firefox Pi

Firefox Pi is another one amazing gadgets from Mozilla, this is basically a keyboard with built on Raspberry Pi, this keyboard have flexibility to access on any devices you just need to plugged it into your dongle, TV even in a analog TV also, Company feel that there is a need to emerging markets.

Firefox Hub

Firefox Hub is design for the people who want to host their one home base website or application even the access their data, this is basically design to encourage new user users to keep their website online with a advance security to access internet on advance security and in speed.

Firefox Stick

Firefox Stick is basically a dongle HDMI devices that run on Firefox Operating System TV and other Smart TV’s and its is allow you to cast your own content from the Web, This a similar dongle devices as Asus Chromebit or Intel Compute Stick is.