Dash-i Plus, an improved of Dash-i technology

Dash-i Plus, an improvement of the 2016 Dash-i technology is a MicroSD Reader that is iOS compatible. It is an external storage solution for iPhone and iPad users around the world. The MicroSD card is universal, which means it can be used on any device ranging from computers/laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and on iPhones/iPad using the Dash-i reader. It has unlimited storage and is easily portable. The device is quite cheap and affordable as it retails at US$36. The microSD card reader has the similarities of a flash drive but is more improved since it can be used with phones, unlike the flash drive.


Dash-i Plus is designed with an aluminium casing that is not only sturdy and stable but also durable. It is designed small with a 32mm and 21mm length and width respectively and is compact with an elegant yet simple look that meets all the flashy requirements of an Apple device. The device can be found in gold, silver and gray colors. Dash-i Plus has a protective silicon case that allows the user to attach it either to a key ring or carabiner. Besides, Dash-i Plus has a Micro-USB charging port and a MicroSD slot.

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How to Use It

Dash-i Plus is simplistic in its design and form and its functionality. Therefore, it is easy to use as all one needs to do, is insert MicroSD into their computer’s built-in card reader or an external reader, and access it normally. When using it on the iPhone/iPad, the user inserts the MicroSD on the Dash-i and inserts it on the phone.

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With the expandable storage space provided by the Dash-i Plus, the user’s camera space remains free as they can clear it by transferring the photos to the MicroSD, they can have an extensive collection of music that serves all their interests. The Dash-i has a built-in music player that can play Mpa or standard Mp3 music as well as high-fidelity music in lossless formats. The SD provides a basic video playback that allows for easy watching of movies as well as their storage. Its USB charging port allows the user to charge the phone while still using the Dash-i to continue their activities.