Click & Grow Smart Garden

Click & Grow Smart Garden: The idea of owning a plant has always intrigued me. Think about it. You have a little seed which looks like nothing, put it in some dirt, give it some water with some sun and in a few weeks, you get something that’s, living, growing and thriving.Many of us are not really into gardening but we do know that it would be pretty cool to have a garden or a source of food in our house or in the backyard.However, today we have a solution for that: the Click & grow which basically is an all in one system to grow plants inside your house.

So, how does it work? It is simpler than you could ever imagine. You have your smartpot and that’s where everything will be self-contained to grow your plants. Every kit comes with 3 refillable cartridges and they can all be filled with different plants. When you first buy the kit, you get the pot, the plants themselves and all you need to do is add water and plug it in and it will start growing.

The Click & grow has a very easy to use watering system, which alerts you when it needs to be refilled. Another very nice feature is the integrated LED lighting system. This lets you grow your plant without relying on the natural light from the sun. The system goes through a 16 hour cycle to make sure that the plants have all the light they need for photosynthesis.

The company behind this amazing product says that these plants will grow no matter what and they are not bluffing. This is because these plants are using soil that has been specially formulated for the plants themselves. So, they have all the right nutrients that they need to get for optimal growth.

If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, it’s going to cost $16 and that comes with the pot itself, the integrated light and three plants of your choice. From then on, it will cost another $20 for the refill of plants. The company does offer a huge variety of herbs, fruits and flowers. So, you should go check it out and see which ones you like. Overall, it is nice to have a solution like Click & Grow, which is pretty much zero efforts but gives you a really great result.