Blink Eyes Capture Picture Shot Blincam Camera

Blink Eyes: Today the activity of taking the picture using the smart camera is the most people do in commonly. If there is an interesting place, people are usually using their camera to taking their best shot of the picture. The activity in taking the picture can be the fun activity of the people. Their activity looks for the trend today. Google is bringing the new concept of taking the picture of their Google Glasses. People just use the glasses as ordinary usage and take the picture by using the menu.

The Blincam is a product from Tokyo in Japan. The Blincam follow the Google technology in helping the people to have the best shot and easier method. The Blincam can be used by just blink eyes when we are using the glasses. These glasses are using the wearable technology. The glasses shape concept is the ideal for the people’s activity for their usage of taking pictures in daily. The Blincam is accessible for the mobile platform. They can save the picture on it. The Blincam is also can be connected to our computer. Their technology is giving the possibility of this activity. Do not forget to checkout Bio Ring-The Smart Ring to Check Our Health

The Blincam features are LED, Bluetooth, port micro USB, speaker, HD CMOS camera sensor, and internal memory. The features are making us possible to making the shot of the pictures in the front of our eyes. By using our eyes, we can take the pictures with correctly. This Blincam is can also be the spy tool when we need the spy aim for something. The Blincam is the newest technology for the glasses in the human life. The same technology is between Google Glasses with the Blincam. The Blincam want to show to the world, where Japan has the same technology in their industry. Google now has the competitor for their product named Google Glasses. Do not forget to checkout Acer Introducing Swift 7 Slimmest Laptop

The Blincam is produced by The Blincam Co. Ltd. The Blincam Co. Ltd is the high technology company in Japan where they have the big experiences in Japan in developing the technology. The Blincam is one of their product’s profiles that now can be found by the people from around the world. The Blincam will release in December 2016. At this end of the year, people in globally can buy the Blincam as their smart technology for the people needs of the smart camera. The Blincam have their new innovation where adopted from Google technology.