Android Blind People Apps, Smartphone Innovation

Did you know the blind people also can use the smartphone? The blind people apps may not see the world. They also can use the innovation of the smartphone blind people apps. By using the high technology and the concern of the people for the blind people, they can also enjoy the technology of the smartphone. They also can use the communication tool using their own efforts. This is the social concern that shows by the people who really want the blind people to develop in their life. The accessibility and the benefit of the smartphone technology are can be used by the blind people. Dont forget to checkout: Bio Plant Battery Charger Will Charge Your Smartphone

The smartphone uses the android apps. By using the android apps they can make the blind people feel satisfied and enjoy the smartphone.

Android Blind People Apps, Smartphone Innovation

Did you want to know about the android apps for the blind people? Here are them:

  1. Talkback

Talkback is the application where we can use it in our smartphone using the voice command. The blind people can use this application for their usage of the smartphone.

  1. Ideal Accessibility

Ideal Accessibility is similar to the Talkback app. This application can make the blind people have their accessibility of their smartphone by using the voice command.

  1. Talk 2 Calculate

Talk 2 Calculate is the android app, where it can be used by the blind people to having the calculation about the number of something. Using the voice, the blind people can make the calculation process in their daily activity.

  1. Voice Speed Dialer

The blind people can make the dialing using “Voice Speed Dialer”. If they wanted to call somebody just use this app in making the dialing process using the voice.

  1. Keyboard Tutor

The blind people can use “Keyboard Tutor” to having the text activity. This smart keyboard can be controlled by using the voice.

  1. Talking Compass

If the blind people confuse about some place that they have visited, they can use “Talking Compass” to help them to help their direction with well. The Talking Compass uses the voice command in the usage.

  1. Battery Status Speaker

The blind people also can check their battery condition on their smartphone. This smart app is also using the voice command in doing the checking of the battery.

  1. Talk SMS For

Talk SMS For is used by the people who want the SMS use the voice command. This app correctly used by the blind people.

There are so many apps for the blind people. The technology in the world can embrace all people without any difference.

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