Atomic Alarm Clock Charging Phone Your Phone Charger

The new phone-charging atomic alarm clock is a lifesaver for many not to mention a fancy device to have. Are you tired of being minutes or even seconds late or early and having to sleep with a near empty phone battery because of lack of proximity to a socket or a charging port? Now you can finally have that atomic alarm clock that is not only accurate all the time but can also charge your mobile phone overnight. This atomic alarm clock wakes you at the exact and precise time set.


The Phone charging atomic alarm clock displays the time, day/date, temperature, humidity, and the moon phases. The alarm clock’s accuracy is ensured because its radio receiver can synchronize with NIST-F1. Yes, the United States’ atomic clock designed never to lose or gain even a single second for almost eternity. The time on the clock is easily legible as it is displayed in 1 1/4″ high numbers not to mention that the atomic alarm clock has an illuminating back light that allows the time to be read clearly in the night. The atomic-alarm clock includes an automatic daylight saving time adjustment, alarm, and a 12 as well as 24-hour time format. It uses the included Ac Adapter or two AAA batteries to operate and is neither small nor large. For phone charging, the alarm clock is fitted with a 1-amp port where devices connect with a pre-existing USB cable. The alarm clock is well compatible with all devices that use USB connectors, that is, all iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android phones. The phone-charging atomic alarm clock is not purchased with the USB cable but comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee.


Anyone can use the phone-charging atomic alarm clock either for its charging feature or alarm. It can best be used in the bedroom, at the office desk, family room as a decorative piece, kitchen and to give as a gift. Those who have been lucky enough to hear of the atomic alarm clock and use it praise it for its attractive design, bright display, phone-charging feature and its reliability. It is fitted with a sound technique that moves from low, soft to loud tone, unlike the high-pitched alarm clocks that startle you awake.