Acer Introducing Swift 7 Slimmest Laptop

The world laptop design is using the slimmest design on their products. HP has known for the product “HP Spectre 13” as the slimmest laptop in the world. The technology can make the possibility of creating laptops in slimmest shape. The easy to bring and easy to open, make some fabrics use the slimmest design of their newest products. The laptop laptop design is needed for the convenience of the users. The convenience of them is from the design and usage in daily. The slimmest laptop is the comfortable shape of the laptop to be used by the users. Do not forget to checkout 7th Generation Intel Processor Called “Kaby Lake”

Acer has revealed their invention about the slimmest laptop production. Acer Swift 7 is slimmest than HP Spectre 13. HP Spectre 13 the slim size is 10.4 mm, but Acer Swift 7 the slim size is 9.98 mm. From the sizes, we know the Acer Swift 7 is slimmest than HP Spectre 13. The world title for the slimmest laptop changed to Acer. Do not forget to checkout Toshiba Portege Z20t 2 in 1 Notebook

This laptop has the screen size at 13.3 inches. The processor is using the Kaby Lake Intel processor technology. People can bring this laptop easily to the places that they wanted. The Acer Swift 7 using the gold color and black color. The black is dominating the laptop color by using the gold color on their side. If we looked we can see the futuristic laptop from the shape of the Acer Swift 7. The memory size using 8 GB (RAM) and the SSD is 256 GB. The maximum usage of the battery in Acer Swift 7 is 9 hours. It includes a long time periodic of the usage time for the notebook. Do not forget to checkout Dell Inspiron 14 Core i7 touch laptop

The first market of the Acer Swift 7 is China. After China, it continues for USA, Canada, and Europe, then Asia, Africa, and Australia. The global world directly can own the slimmest laptop of the Acer Swift 7. The slimmests laptop of the world right now (according to this time). Maybe the other fabrics in the future will compete to produce the slimmest laptop to challenging the Acer Swift 7 in the global market. The world now is led by the slimmest laptop product. But the most important from select a laptop for our needs is the laptop can support our activities in daily. The needs of the people are different between one to another. The Acer Swift 7 is the leader of the slimmest laptop in the world right now. Do not forget to checkout 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Laptop