7th Generation Intel Processor Called “Kaby Lake”

7th Generation Intel Processor Called “Kaby Lake”: Intel is the processor company who has become the giant player in the global market. Intel always becomes the leader of the computer processor technology. Their products are accepted well by the world. They have the best experts in developing their processor technology. Intel is the majority product brand name that usually used by the computer’s user.

After the news of Intel Inc. about their latest 7th generation intel processor technology, finally, they tell to the public about their 7th generation processor. It is called the Kaby Lake. This processor based on the 14nm+ Intel architecture and it has the fixed and newer technology than the last generation. It is the last generation of Intel processors. The last generation of Intel is the Sky Lake processor. Dont forget to checkout: The Drone Can Be the Aero Transportation Vehicle

The 7th Generation Intel Processor called the Kaby Lake is using 4K technology. What is 4K technology? The 4K technology is the technology of the computer processor that using the encoding/ decoding 4K. This technology can use in all computer types includes, laptop, notebook, and netbook. The Kaby Lake is 70% faster than ordinary CPU in the usage. On graphic performance this technology 3.5 times faster than the 6th generation. For browsing or surfing the Kaby Lake is 19% faster than the 6th generation. People will be helped because of this technology. This technology produces the highest data resolution process. So, people can have the satisfaction about the faster performance. These called 4K technology, the new generation of the processor technology. Dont forget to checkout: Self Driving Car is the Future for Auto Drive Vehicle

By using the 7th generation of Intel processor, the data transferring claimed 3 times on video playing. By using the 4K UHD the video will faster to the users. This technology uses HEVC 10-bit and VP9 decode to helping the content playing process. The battery usage is also better than the 6th generation. The chip is colder than the 6th generation. The usage of the cold air system will more efficient. The 7th generation of Intel processor has reached the improvement than the others. So it is the best processor for the computer user.

The Kaby Lake is the 7th generation of Intel processors. It is faster than the 6 processor before. The Kaby Lake can help people to enjoy the faster processor on their computer. The Kaby Lake technology can improve the performance of our CPU or laptop or else. The Kaby Lake is the newest technology from Intel that bringing a faster performance to the computer’s user.

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