ZTE Blade Review and Information Updates

ZTE Blade Reviews: ZTE Blade 2 has been rocking since its launch because of some amazing and novel features mainly including 5 inch large screen, long battery life and elegant look. A huge wave of popularity for this smart-phone emerged, and is at spike even now. A multi-function smart phone available at a price of just 89 euros sounds like nothing better than that could be possible. But, the question striking some wise heads is if it is worth that. Let us analyze why or why not.

Merits of ZTE Blade 2:

The smart phone is advantageous in many different ways. For instance, with a battery 2000 mAh none of its competitive is in the market at the same or lower price than it offers. The people who love to use their handsets for many other purposes besides talking such as video games, songs, movies, etc. find its battery life quite befitting to their needs. It is one of the most striking plus points at the bottom of its enhancing adorability.

Apart from amazing battery-timing, it has also been facilitated with 5 inch immaculate screen that enables you to enjoy handsomely large view of your favourite pictures and videos. So, it must fall your first choice if you are a large view seeker for your stuff in the sleekest way.

When it comes to processor and RAM, it beats many of its contemporary smartphone models where Motorola E is worth mentioning. With 1 GB RAM and Quad Core processor at a cheap price, ZTE Blade 2 stands matchless in the world of smart phones known for their high performance. Forget not that it is never to say that it beats the sets coming with double or triple speed of it. Rather, it means that it tops the rank here having made a critical comparison of its performance and cheap price.


Besides the whole aforementioned painted rosy picture, we also aim at pulling the curtain from some of the flaws causing its degradation somehow. It has a removable back cover for instance. It is a huge drawback in itself—what intensifies it is that it keeps getting looser and looser with every time you open it up for any purpose (to change your SIM or battery).

Its low weight again makes its price look higher in comparison with its worth. A set costing you 89 for all its components weighing 130 grams only on the whole sounds more than just harsh, doesn’t it.

The minute gap between its white chassis is small enough not to allow your keep it clean easily.

Our Verdict:

Having analyzed all the pros and cons involved with ZTE Blade 2, our experts conclude that you have to sacrifice more in favour of less. Mere large screen, elegant display or low price do not make to purchase it at 89 an ideal deal to go with. On our scale of analysis, the side of its drawbacks is much higher than its advantages asking us to suggest you reconsidering at ten times before going with your purchase.