Yamaha MotoBot: Robots can ride your bikesa

The robot, which is the work of Yamaha’s mechanical technology lab, is as of now being tried and changed, with the general objective of the venture being to get MotoBot to hit 200 km/h (124 mph).

At this time the MotoBot’s ride of decision is Yamaha’s eye-bleedingly quick R1M 1000cc lead, be that as it may, the humanoid has been produced with the goal that it can work any unmodified bicycle, including a vast dosage of transferability to the modern tech.

Considering the huge level of unfathomably complex movements expected to ride a bike at fast, Yamaha additionally trust that by examining the MotoBot they can bolster information back to their motocycle division to make considerably more propelled wellbeing and rider-emotionally supportive networks for genuine people.

The way that Yamaha has as of now gotten out incredible superbike rider Valentino Rossi to a race as well, adds to the fervor that the MotoBot innovation could have a major effect in the self-governing tech field.