What to expect in mobile phones in 2015?

If your phone has gone crazy lately then it is time to replace it with a new and exciting smartphone. This year make a resolution to get an affordable, sexy and technology rich phone.  In 2015 you will be astonished to see advancements taking place in the industry of tablets, smart phones and phablets. If you an entrepreneur and tired of using old phone with lousy application then you need to switch to smartphones of 2015. With these smartphones you can do business on the go. With the advent of these hi-tech super speedy smartphones your future will definitely change.

In 2015, the major feature has been introduced by all leading mobile phone companies is health and fitness application which are in-built. You can check your heart rate, calories consumes in a day, your blood pressure and much more. You can send your health updates to your doctor for a complete health record.  Moreover, there are five other features you can expect in latest mobile phones. They have web browsing, multimedia, entertainment and games. Many smart phones have android lollipop application too.  Along with these features you can expect to have flexible screens in your tablets and cell phones this year. For presentations and meetings there will be an in-built projector too. These smart phones will have the ability to project images in a most real way. This technology is called augmented reality. Many smart phone brands have that technology for future use. In new smart phones, you have 3D screens and holograms. With 3D effect you can enjoy live streaming of videos, movies and enjoy photos more than before. In these smartphones you can have high quality of voice control system is installed.

As far as security passwords are concerned these smartphones will now use biometric system to create passwords. You can also charge your smartphones with wireless chargers. This will be convenient. You will be get rid of all wires surroung your living area. New smart phones will use biosensors which will enable you to see your performance in real time. They will be equipped with advance 4G LTE advanced or LTE wideband to deliver data much faster. With 4G LTE advance mobile network you will be able to enjoy wireless internet connectivity at home, offic e,  and at fitness club. Is it not a marvelous quality of new smart phones?

The best part of latest smartphone is its long battery life. You have tried using many phones to get better battery results but you got disappointed. Recently, these new phones have powerful battery life. Now you can use your mobile phone for almost 24 hours non- stop with no draining out of battery.  This advancement is not less than a miracle. Right!

One of the drawbacks in these smartphones is its high buying price. Many expensive brands have launched high quality and high budget cell phones.  Only small number of customers will buy these phones maintaining its high standard. Another setback of these smartphones is its delicate metal body which can be smashed easily. On the whole, it is a complete transformation from old phone to brand new smart phones.