What about iOS 8 New Features?

iOS 8 New Features: Hanging out with your friends, and their ironic remarks about your old phone made you realize you need to change your phone. Although you love your old phone and those love messages from your exes but you want to change it for better. You are in a fix how to get a new phone? Here is good news for you! Recently, a new smart phone has been launched called iOS 8. iOS 8 an amazing list of features that are enough to enthrall you to get it right away.

Instant health care information

The smart phone iOS 8 has an in-built health information application which allows you to learn about different health problems and symptoms of life threatening diseases. With this app you can find emergency contact numbers you need to contact in health emergency. Wonderful app indeed!

Option to delete old messages easily

Unlike your old phone, iOS 8 has automatic delete messages option which enables you to delete messages older than 30 days. This auto response to old messages will keep memory of your smart phone spacious.

Send photos and videos through iMessage

You can send photos, videos, audio clips and much more through iMessage app. You cannot undo once picture has been sent.

Scroll down notifications individually

With this feature you can delete any app related notification, messages and alerts one by one.

Camera in touch

Smart phone camera is in your control. You can focus image which you want to capture and take its photo.

Hide personal images  

You can hide your private and personal images. Select the image you want to hide and select hide from main menu and that image will be kept save in hidden album as long as you want.

Swipe quick type away

You can delete unwanted words and phrases which appear on screen before typing any message.

Battery saving trick

You can save your battery then go to battery settings and find battery consumes by all apps you have been using. You can delete battery consuming apps to regain battery life.

Quick reply to messages by scrolling down on notification banners

To save time you can reply to messages by just clicking on notification bar. You do not need to go to main menu to type your message.

Pick up your already deleted photos

You can regain your deleted images through auto backup system of your smart phone.

Ignore unwanted messages

With this feature you can ignore unwanted messages. You do not need to switch off  your cell phone but you can go to contacts, type name of the person bothering you and click on do not disturb again icon. In this way, that person will not be able to text you as long as you want.

New and innovative search engine

In iOS 8 smartphone there is a new search engine called DuckDuckGo. With this search engine you can browse websites easily.

Using credit card option

In your smart phone there is an option to scan your credit card. This option is quite useful when you are doing shopping or want to buy new pair of shoes or your favorite books via online shopping sites.