Sony Z3 Reviews

Sony Z3 Reviews: The launch of Sony’s Experia-branded Z3 has grabbed the attention of numerous smartphone lovers around the globe. It has some of the outstanding features and flaws simultaneously. Today, we are going to give you a wordy picture of the its technical panorama viewed by expert eye. So let us see what it offers and what lacks.

Sony Z3 Reviews and Pros

With changing trends concerning to smartphone evolution, people are very unlikely to trade off with any drawback when it comes to screen size or resolution. And, the Z3 launched by Sony aptly understands this disposition of the customer, so it comes with 5.2 inch large screen to give you a bull-like view of your favorite pictures and videos. Not only this, but resolution also is amazing in itself. 1920*2080 pixel power means facilitating you with high quality video beating many of its contemporaries. Moreover, it is challenging to figure out its pixel with human eyes, as it has massively pixel-dense screen.

The unique kind of profoundly high quality camera adds a lot to its prestige and adorability. Now you can capture your snaps or videos carrying 20.7 mega pixel to give you an extra ordinary zoom view with the most refined details. Wao! This is what makes your eyes wide open when you come in knowledge with that. Such kind of camera power alone is capable of catching millions of buyers without digging into anything else.

Dust and water resistant chassis and body-shape makes it far ahead from its contemporaries deprived of these amazing features. So, you can keep it in the same immaculate form that you purchase in for a long period of time. This is what really makes it a cost-effective choice, as you do not have to spend again and again on its cleaning and dusting.

Its battery life is also matchless to most of its comparatives on the market. With a spiking likability towards playing movies and games, and enjoying long calls on cellular packages, battery timing matters a lot for users, and Z2 understands this in the most appropriate manner. A higher percentage of smarphones at the same price do not carry even half the great battery timing of Z3.


Although, it comes with many of breathtaking features that ask the lovers to set their hearts on it, but many of them withdraw having known its price. This is the one area that has disappointed many people looking for something like that without burdening their pocket. It makes some of its other competitives more demanded even though they do not stand for such standard of quality as Z3.


Having overviewed all of its main (positive and negative) points with investigators’ eye, we see nothing to conclude except 50/50 recommendation which leaves it to customer itself to decide whether to go ahead with purchasing idea or not. To our experts, it is highly facilitated smartphone with some of the most extra-ordinary features, but to get them all you have to sacrifice your affordability that many of you wont like. So, think wisely before you put your finger on it.