Samsung: World’s largest Smartphone manufacturing firm

Samsung: World’s largest Smartphone manufacturing firm

Samsung is a leading Smartphone manufacturer corporation based in South Korea. The company is also popular for their consumer electronics, telecommunication equipments, ships, semiconductors, precision instruments, medical equipments, electronic components, chemicals and apparel. However, it has got superb response for their Smartphone industry. The company had entered into the industry of smartphones in the year 2009. They announced Samsung Galaxy Spica as a first smartphone by the company. The phone had come with very ordinary specs like 1500 mAh battery, Android V1.6 Donut, 8GB of internal storage space, 528 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM, 5 Mega Pixels with Flash and 3.2 Inches display screen. After the success of Spica, the company introduced first smartphone from their successful S series. It was known as Samsung Galaxy S.

Currently, Samsung has introduced hundreds of smartphones till the date. Some recent and most popular smartphones are from Galaxy series. These are Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Grand Prime, A7, Grand Neo Plus, Core Prime and A3. Apart from the premium smartphones, Samsung has highly focused on the manufacturing of budget phones. For instance, Samsung Galaxy ACE, Star and Core series are easily available within the budget of $150. However, Galaxy S series till S4 and Grand series are available within $200 to $300. The premium smartphones and phablets are from Alpha as well as Galaxy Note series. The company has also got great response for their tablet PCs.

Samsung has developed a wide range of smartphones since year 2009. However, some of their phones got higher success i.e. S3, while some didn’t become successful to grab customer’s attention. Take a look on the pros and cons of their products.


  • The smartphones by Samsung come with affordable price as compared to their major rival Apple Inc.
  • There is a wide range of smartphones offered by the company. More options mean more choices for different people.
  • If you want to tweak features and functions, you’ll have several options because Samsung’s smartphone runs on Android. They come with a highly customizable OS platform.
  • Samsung offers large and different varieties of big screen smartphones to which we call a Phablet. Many of their rivals are now offering large screen phablets but Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series have started this trend for the first time.
  • Their smartphones can be restored through professional cleaning than of competing brands. It is because of their easy to remove boards.
  • Another great thing about Samsung’s smartphones is the availability to expand storage. Through Micro SD card, people can enjoy more space to save downloaded items.


  • As compared to other smartphones, the repair cost of their phones is expensive. It is complex to repair a Samsung’s smartphone than any other flagship’s phone.
  • The replacement of LCD screen is costly as compared to other phones. You’ll need to buy and expensive Samsung’s equipment for screen replacement.
  • People who are not tech-savvy can get confused by using Samsung’s android-based phones.
  • The similar plastic body and design make it difficult to differentiate the phones. Apart from their Alpha series, other smartphones look quite similar with respect to the design and body.


All in all, Samsung is a good option if you are looking for a smartphone. From the low-end to the high-end smartphones, there is an extensive variety available with different price ranges for everyone. You won’t regret after buying any of their smartphone.