New Robots for Military Services

New Robots for Military Services

War business is happening everywhere. With the advancement in military war fare gadgets there comes robotics in military. You can see many robots working for military operations. They are superseding humans in intelligence and strength on war zones.  Robots have become essential weapon in military services of developed countries. Military robots are automatically designed and programmed to use in military applications. These robots are battle-tested. They are designed for security and defense purposes of a country.  The history of military robots dates back from World War II. You can imagine how advance robots work like if they were in their primary stages of development during early 19s.  There are top five robots used for military operations. They are Guardbot, Argus One AUV, Hull Bug, iRobot warrior 710, and Samarai Flyer.


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This robot is circular in shape. It is very heavy consists of 54 pounds of weight.  It has two hidden cameras located inside it. This robot can roll over land, muds, water, rocks, and other hard surfaces.

Argis One AUE

Argus One AUV

This robot, looks like snake, is filled with helium gas. It is 113 feet in length and it detects enemies with minimal effort.


Hull Bug

This robot travels much faster in water. They can detect any metal in water easily.

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iRobot Warrior 710

iRobot warrior 710

It is designed for clearing buildings. This robot has a flexible body which can bend, use its hands to open car door and remove bomb on its own.

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Samurai Flyer

Samarai Flyer

This robot is half a pound in size. It has a mini spy camera inside it. It can hover in air for 30 minutes. It is simple by mechanics. It has two parts and 3 D technology is used in its making. This robot gets images secretly.

Apart from these latest robots being used in military operations, there is another robot called Daksh. It is automatically controlled and run by electricity. its function is to locate, target and destroy harmful objects safely. Almost every military operation uses Daksh. The major advantage of this robot is that it can climb stairs to reach targets. The main function of this robot is to identify and diffuse bombs. So Daksh is a bomb diffuser robot. There is another robot called goalkeeper which is used in military services. The major function of this robot is to protect ships from being destroyed by missiles coming from enemy. Goalkeeper is also used to secure airfields.

All robotic fighter weapons are tele-operated. It means there is always some human entity controlling their actions in war zone. There are several controversies regarding giving autonomous power to robots in future. Some defense analysts have certain reservations on this perspective. Robots cannot take decisions. They need human intervention to make them work effectively.  Many countries are now planning to recruit robots in their army troops.  No matter how advance military robots become they are instinctively designed to take human lives. You cannot stop advancements taking place in artificial intelligence but we need to become more conscientious in using these weapons.