Coolpad Quattro 4G – Metro PCS

Coolpad Quattro 4G (Metro PCS) is the product of Chinese based company Coolpad. This decent looking smart-phone is a blend of many positive and negative features, and this review is targeted to cover all of them followed by our recommendation based on their comparison. So let us begin with its pros.

Pros of Cooldpad Quatrro 4G

The very first thing that makes it desirable is its screen size and high resolution. On a 4 inch large beautiful screen you can enjoy smooth and high resolution  (800/480) view of your pictures and videos. So, it is an ideal choice at a reasonable price for the people who do not want to trade off with low-resolution as well as want to save some pennies.

The second of its striking features is its 4G connectivity. It is to say that you can enjoy high speed internet connection without much break ups. Most of the customers’ reviews also confirm its reliability in this particular area.

Price-effectiveness is one of its most appreciable plus points. The product is available on the market at as low price as $99. So you are not asked to sacrifice your affordability to get all its amazing features. However, it is not like approving it to be worth that until we go through all of its demerits.


Like any other product, Coolpad Quattro 4G also have some flaws—some of which stand quite nasty for the consumers or customers.

It has old fashioned or clunky look with 5 inch of length, o.5 width, and 2.6 breadth. A few years back this style was in, and hence it would have been regarded as a chic had it been launched then. But, it does not really go well with present day requirements.

Coolpad Quatrro 4G had a faded screen that makes the phone outshined by most of its contemporary ones which are coming with glowing LCDs. LG, Samsung, and many competitive models of Blackberry certainly have an edge over it in this regard.

Call quality is not bad even though it is not good enough either. Again some of its competitive smart phones launched by greater companies surpass it here as well without the shadow of any doubt. Most of the times, voices in the back ground are mixed together bad enough to give an unpleasant muddled sound. Sometimes even, mute or few other audio options may not work properly.

Our Verdict

Now the question arises whether or not Coolpad Quatrro 4G is recommendable for you in our books. We will simply retort “no”, because having carefully compared its pros and cons one by one, we see no reason why to spend $99 for it. Outdatedness alone would have been critical issue, but what now when it is combined with many other drawbacks like bad screen texture, poor call quality, etc. So, we see marks going to its credit are far less than going against it. Hence, we advise you to think wisely before you settle for owning Coolpad Quatrro 4G.