BB-8: One step close to R2-D2

BB-8: I don’t know about you but I love Star Wars and one of my dreams since I was a kid was to have my own R2-D2 that followed me around and that was my buddy. Now that the new trilogy is being released, we have a new set of characters and droids. Nevertheless, with ever-evolving technology, that dream is getting closer.

When they showed BB-8 in the trailer of the upcoming Star Wars VII movie, I was a bit frustrated because I thought that he was one of the coolest droids to ever exist but there would be no way that they could make toys that could actually behave like him. I truly thought that he was entirely computer-generated imagery. However, it turns out that Walt Disney and Lucas Films were not only able to make a real life BB-8 to use in the film but were able to replicate it at the toy level.

The Sphero BB-8 along with your smartphone gives us the closest look at a real droid that we ever thought possible.Sphero has been around for a while with a ball that you can drive around and play games with and the BB-8 is the perfect pairing of that technology. It is basically the same tech being used in the full size model but in one that you can manage in your home.

There are three main things that you can do: drive manually with your smartphone, set BB-8 to go on its own and patrol or view holographic messages. These messages are pretty cool as you can record a message on your device and program your BB-8 to display it. It’s not quite as cool as a real hologram but it is a really nice feature. Moreover, if you know someone else who has a BB-8, you can send them messages and they can view it on their BB-8. If you send BB-8 out on its own, it will explore around and send back real time data on what’s happening. You can pretty much see anything that is going on with your robot from your smartphone and this really makes the droid feel real. It can move on its own, talk and has a personality. Overall, BB-8 is the closest we’ve ever been to a real droid even those are a few parsecs away