Automatic – become a better driver and save fuel

Automatic is a little dongle that plugs into your car in the OBD2 port. This is the port that all the cars have and is usually used for diagnosis purposes. It allows you to see all the information that you really can’t see when you’re just the driver. Automatic takes advantage of that port with its integrated Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometer and speaker to allow you to do some pretty incredible things.

First and foremost, Automatic tries to train you to become a better driver. It uses audio feedback to force you to drive more efficiently and save fuel. There are 3 audio signals that alert you when you are either pushing the accelerator pedal too hard, pushing the brakes too hard or driving too fast. These all things have a bad impact on fuel consumption.

Besides the audio feedback, you also have crash detection. So, if you are in an accident, the built-in accelerometer in the dongle can know that and you will have 45 seconds to respond to the notification on your phone. If you don’t, a representative will then call you to see if you need any help. If you do,they will contact emergency services for you and they can also contact up to 3 different people that you want to let know that you’ve been in an accident.

Once you are done driving, you can open up the Automatic app and from there, you can see all the information on your trip. You can see all the destinations you’ve been to but more importantly, you can see how well (or bad) you drove. The app gives you a score from 0 to 100 based on how you’ve been driving.This can be a great motivation to start improving your driving skills. Apart from that, you can also see how far you’ve travelled, how much gas you’ve used and how much that gas costs based on the gas prices in your area. Besides the trip information, you can also see how much gas you have left in your tank and you can then set an alert so that it will tell you when you need to go fill up. You can even see if there’s anything wrong with your engine with the engine checker option.

Automatic can also connects to third-party apps to open up a new world of possibilities for you. You can automatically connect to things like If This Then That (ITTT) to automatically trigger recipes based on what your car is doing and many more things. All this thanks to this OBD2 connector. So, overall I think Automatic is a great way to get your car connected to your digital life. For$100, you get all these features which is a lot cheaper than having to upgrade your car.