Arqspin 360 Degree Photo Turntable for Product Photography

Arqspin 360 Degree Photo: Nowadays, there is a growing interest in making a living by selling products online. Because of the high competition, it’s crucial to stand out. One way to get interesting product shots is with the Arqspin 360 degree photo turntable. It has a multitude of applications both for photo and video.

The smallest version of the turntable is the 9”, capable of holding up to 25 pounds, which is enough for most applications. They also have two other ones – one is 12” that holds up to 175 pounds and the other is 24” which holds up to 300 pounds. So, you will have the ability to spin pretty much anything you want.

For the video side of the things, you get an awesome turntable. This gives you some really unique shots that showcase what you’re trying to film. Over the years, I’ve used quite a few turntables and this is definitely the best one I’ve used. Moving on to the photography side of things, Arqspin not only provides turntables but they also have an excellent software that allows you to record spins and use them for product shots. This can be a much more interactive way to sell your products because the customer can look in all directions and zoom in to see exactly what they are buying.

With Arqspin’s web app, you can adjust things like white balance, brightness and there are also a wide range of features to choose from. This really lets you have complete control over the way the final shot will come out. When done, you can export and finally you have a 360-degree picture that you can move around, manipulate, zoom in, and do whatever you want.

If you are someone who deals with products or makes videos on products, Arqspin is definitely a service to check out. The only real downside is that it is not that affordable. The 9″ turntable goes for $100 and the other ones go up from there but to use the service, you need to pay a subscription which starts at $20 a month and goes up from there depending on what you specifically need. However, as mentioned before, if you find yourself shooting these kinds of videos or photos on a daily basis, it is well worth the price.