Ambulance Drone can save your life

Ambulance Drone can save your life?

Drones are synonyms for disaster, death and devastation. No sane mind can think of drones as useful other than killing people from one part to another part of the world.

Technically speaking drones are unmanned aerial crafts used to target enemy from far off distance. Drones are automatically controlled military weapons used for massive attacks. Drones are used for security check purposes, for spying activities and surveillance. The word ‘drone’ has connotations of war associated images. Even a child in Iraq or Afghanistan can tell what drone means. Yes drones as you know are used for military operations and suspecting suspicious elements to attack them. Drones however, have wide range of uses. You must be amazed to learn about how multifaceted a drone can be in modern day living. There are many positive aspects of today’s most controversial invention: drones.

Farming and agriculture

Modern farmers are taking benefits from aerial abilities of drones as they help in irrigation system. They also guide farmers about crops and their growth with its infrared technology.


In science fiction movies drones are being used successfully by many legendary producers in Hollywood. They can capture images and create illusions which otherwise, are not possible with man force and other technological devices.

Art and abstract paintings

Recently a post-modernist artist has painted graffiti with the help of a drone. Drone helps in spraying oil paints effectively, and with no limitations.

Health and medicine

Nonetheless, drones have been used by an Austrian student to save heart attack victims timely before reaching ambulance.

Advertisements and marketing

If you are interested in selling a house or an apartment then drone can be helpful in delivering ads to all over places in less time and less money will be spent. There are many cheap and affordable drones which are being used by many marketing companies for advertising campaigns. In days to come real estate business will be taken over by drones.

Wildlife photography

Many wildlife photographers are using small drone cameras to preserve nature from its all aspects. It is a break through advancement in the field of wildlife photography indeed.

News coverage

Many reporters are using drones to capture action as it is taking place around them. With the help of drones you can reach anywhere in the world and capture news and happening as they take place. Many new journalists are learning about drones and its advantages in media.

Saving lives

Many scientists are using drones in their environmental research projects in which they study about ozone layers in detail. With this study many Italian companies are inspecting illegal dumping of waste in cities.

Apart from these magnificent milestones taken by drones the major drawback of drones are their killing nature irrespective of race, color, religion and geography. Sometimes targets are achieved but many innocent people also lost their lives. This trend should be banned. People relate drones with destruction. If you use drone for betterment of people then it can overshadow its negative aspects. So it depends how we use drones in our modern lives to make life better or worse.

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