10 Tips for Maintaining Your Laptop

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Laptop

Like you, your laptop also needs energy and makeover once in a while. If you ignore warning signs in your laptop it will stop working properly and you will end up fretting over your lost data or hardware crash down. To avoid such a situation make a list of ‘to-dos’ on your fridge so you will never forget that you are required to take care of your laptop every time you use it. Here is a top ten list of useful tips for maintaining good health of your laptop.

Never use pirated and illegal software

No matter you bought a brand new laptop or a used one. All you need to make sure that your laptop does not have any pirated software installed in it. For instance, you should always install genuine windows and never use pirated version of windows. These are operating systems and if they are illegal then your laptop will never run smoothly. Uninstall unrecognized windows and programs today! Dont forget to checkout: Dell Inspiron 14 Core i7 touch laptop with 1080p for $750, Inspiron 17 Core i5 for $550

Keep antivirus installed

Now this is another important thing to remember. Always install antivirus program in your computer. If you do not know any then you can easily browse on internet and get dozens of antivirus softwares to choose from. Antivirus will keep your laptop away from threats and save your useful data.

Always place laptop on dry and clean place

To avoid any moisture seeping in your laptop’s hardware you should place your laptop on dry, clean and airy place. Never place your laptop on dumped place as it will destroy your laptop’s internal mechanisms and you will have to face another problem. Dont forget to checkout: Top Thinnest Android Smartphones From 4.75mm – Too Slim To Handle

Never keep laptop on your lap while working

Medical science says that you should avoid placing laptop on your laps as it badly affects your reproductive organs as well as give you muscular pains. So it is important for both men and women that they avoid using laptop for long hours.

Clean your laptop once in a week

On every weekend, make it your habit to clean your laptop thoroughly. You should clean its screen, keyboards, outer and inner surfaces to make sure dust does not damage anything. Dont forget to checkout: Lenovo China largest Smartphone company

Use power boost up software

Try to work on power safe mode on your laptop. This will help in longer battery life for years to come.

Keep food and liquid away from laptop

Never put hot coffee mug or hotdog on your laptop as hot beverage can melt down key pads of your laptop permanently damaging it. Dont forget to checkout: LG: Largest South Korean Smartphone company

Cut down external devices

To get longer life of battery you need to cut down all external devices attached to your laptop. You can unplug USB, data cable, mouse and ipod charger to enhance battery life of your laptop.

Add more RAM to your laptop

If you work on heavy software on daily basis then to store all your data you can boost your RAM as well as you can add more RAM to your laptop. Dont forget to checkout: Huawei: China’s largest and best selling smartphone company

Always follow instructions while charging your laptop

You should always charge your laptop for two hours and always unplug charger when it is charged.

Give your laptop a break after every two hours

Give rest to your eyes as well to your laptop for every two hours daily. It will increase efficiency of your laptop.